Can I help you?

My name is Marjolein and I am a fashion designer that hates fashion but has a fascination for everything that is new and unique. We are all unique individuals and if you are somebody that want to show off your unique personality, while growing your fan-base, product or business, I might be able to help you.

First up, I know you wonder… A fashion designer that hates fashion? Well, I hate the fast-I call it trendy-fashion that most of us have in our wardrobes. I think that the people that are the most inspirational to look at are the ones with the most personal and meaningful wardrobes and outfits. An impression that lasts, that makes people remember you for you, isn’t made in an outfit that is the most trendy. A helpful lasting impression is done in an outfit that is the most “you”!

As a fashion designer I have always been inspired by novelty. Because trends obviously are new at their inception I managed to keep myself standing in the fast paced fashion industry for years. But the most interesting and creative part of fashion is not seen in our wardrobes. This is the part of fashion that got me into fashion all those years ago and we need it in our wardrobes because how we experience fashion right now is a source of so much discomfort and even despair. We do not know what to wear and when we dress up for whatever occasion there is so much time and energy wasted making decisions that never make you feel happy for a long time.

You could change how you experience fashion and make it a source of fun and good in your daily life. Imagine getting up in the morning and finding yourself enthusiastic about what you have in your wardrobe! You have one fantastic outfit that suits you after another in there… And when you have to show up somewhere, you know exactly who you are and what you want to wear. There is no fear in you that you might stand out because you know that you stand out exactly the right way. When you feel the need to share something about yourself or your work online you are grounded enough to do this unapologetically, which will massively increase the impact of your content.

To get to this point I have developed “Rethink your wardrobe” and “RethinkPRO”. If you want to find out if the online “Rethink”-program is for you, find more information on the “Rethink” page of this website.

Whatever industry you are in, times are changing. You could be watching on the sidelines to see where it is going. You could wait, and try to be happy with whatever is leftover for you. Or you could take the lead. You could make sure you feel strong to step into the world completely, not holding back. You could make sure that people see you, hear your story, know you and therefore your work. It would help shape the industry that you are in, and would make sure you are living your life your way.

What are you going to create?

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