“Create your stage”

We have all been taught to be, look and act in a certain way.

Nobody is completely free from the implications of the pre-set ideals that come with our age, gender, background or the way we naturally look, unless we actively do something about it.

We adapt ourselves to look a certain way, be a certain way. We create what we create in line with what is already there and most disturbingly; even base many of our life’s choices on what someone like us is supposed to do.

Whether your parents wanted you to be a certain way; if for you it were the ideals that we get communicated to us through media or in schools from when we were kids; if it was the lack of differences in people being represented in the beauty industry or if you were subject the hard and violent ways in which it became clear…

…no matter what this process was like for you, you found out what someone like you is supposed to “be” in life.

This is integrated into who you seem to be right now, and it cuts you off from knowing and expressing your true self.

No matter how well you are doing what a person like you is supposed to do, now and then a feeling of uncertainty, discontent and confusion will hit you, because you were taught to live up to a certain standard, instead of being taught to follow your own path.

You are limited in your unique self-expression.

This keeps creating a life that doesn’t always feel like your own, and gives you a feeling of discontentment, can’t life be better; feel lighter?

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My name is Marjolein, and I am an authenticity coach. 

I know, by experience, that it is hard to change your life, especially one that on the surface is a very good one, where it seems like you have everything you are supposed to have.

To share with you my story; I was an absolute star in reading what other people wanted me to do.

For years I unknowingly adjusted myself and my presence to fit into what was expected of me. I cared for others but I had no idea anymore who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

At one point in my life there was only a little spark of my true self left.

As an onlooker you may have thought my life was perfect; I had everything that was ever taught to me is important in life; I was living in a big house, I had a steady marriage and plenty of healthy kids, and the list goes on. All of them were things that I worked hard for but it had made me feel dead inside.  

After breaking with that old life I started to feel more freedom in dreaming-up my future life and what I wanted to do with it.

Among other things I realized I had always been investigating in how to create more space for the individual to express themselves creatively. I felt that what I saw people wearing and doing was too limiting. To me it seemed that a lot of people were holding themselves back, living their lives in a way that was taught to them by the generation before them, instead of living a free and fulfilling life.

That is when I founded this business.

Combining my creative background with new found knowledge I created many different concepts over the years. I tested out different ways to inspire people to walk their own paths instead of living the status quo. I added some more coaching and coaching-courses to my own experience. After all that I can now say that I am where and what I am supposed to be;

I am an authenticity coach, which means I assist people to be and create from their own unique true self.

Whether that is music, art, content or stories, your own unique clothing style, or your life’s path all together; you can create it in a way that it all fits like a glove!

create your stage

Being your authentic self means that whatever you create originates from you.

You are not influenced too much by trends, believes that others bestowed upon you, or how things are supposed to be done! You know yourself, understand your boundaries and how to keep to them. You aren’t someone to blindly follow others and do what they do.

You have and feel the freedom to do what is best for you, creating according to your unique inner self. You trust yourself and your creative process.

All of that means that your words, your clothes, your videos, your writings, your art, your creativity and even the path you take in life matches with who you really are.

It is the most fantastic thing when you have an endless flow of inspiration coming to you from the inside out.

Making it easy for you to blog/clothe/paint/vlog of create and follow your own path in life!

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It isn’t weird that you need to put some time and effort into uncovering and letting out the true you after a lifetime of learning how to hide; even more so, because sometimes the things we did that did not originate from our true selves, still seem to have given us a lot in life!

Right now, especially in these unpredictable fast times that are highly focused on things rather purpose, it is the most important thing that you can do for yourself in life, though.

I am here for you in two different ways.
The first one is my online platform of authentic self-expression. It is an inspirational platform where you can be who you truly are. You will get and create ideas that you can use to further explore yourself in a safe environment, leading to a stronger and more confident version of yourself.
There is also 1:1 coaching which means there can be more emphasis on your personal life and life choices which could mean a significant change in how you make your choices. The stress in your life lowers and your life will be less complicated. You get the tools so you can create a fulfilling life that suits you in every way.

Join the platform or DM me for individual coaching in order to become unapologetic about who you truly are and create a life you love to wake up too!

The “Create your stage” platform will be an convenient app. You will have all the information, support and teachings with you at all times. There will be videos for inspiration, written support pages, other peoples creations (you are not alone!) and EVERYTHING I can imagine that could assist you to transform yourself in that person that lives up to your potential!

I have no intention to create a typical course. It is going to be a platform where you can meet, be creative, learn and share your experience on becoming who you truly are.

You can get on the waiting list now; fill in your details below so when the times comes to go live, you won’t miss out. I will be handing out free memberships, parts of courses and whatever else I can come up with when that time comes!