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Hello, my name is Marjolein van de Donk. I am an Individualism Coach. I am challenging people into letting products work for them instead of having to work for their products.

We all live in a world overwhelmed with products. The system we live makes us feel as if we only need to buy the right things to look great, feel happy and be loved. But you know this is never the case.  After the initial rush of acquiring something new has flown away, we are left with the same empty feeling, less money in our pockets, getting wooed by commercials for the next big thing. Diverting our eye from what is really important.

At the same time the planet is suffering, all the trash we make is still there and, if not, the negative effects of producing it still linger in the air.

The easy access to information today is making it clear now that we are very far from connecting the right way with our belongings;  We do not know, nor care, who has produced them. It often seems as if the products have just grown in the stores on the racks.

I will inspire you to change your attitude towards your clothes and belongings. Beyond  guilt; out of love for yourself. You deserve clothing and things that are not interchangeable between people but are unique as you are. They suit you, and fit you. They remind you of the amazing things that you have done. They will anchor you to your home, and will remind you about where you are going and what your goals are. They will help you thrive.

We will touch on minimalism, on cleaning up with joy*. We will take this further and reinvent shopping by introducing inspirational shopping to your palette. Than last but definitely not least gaining different skills, the skills that suit you the most will complete this transition and you will end up completely in control of you lifestyle. You will recognize and defeat the system taking back the control.

If you feel like joining me on this journey please contact me soon!

*This phrase refers directly to “tidying up with Marie Kondo” but I will teach you how to use it to your advantage rather than it costing you money to fill up the empty closets again.

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