Authenticity coaching

Being who you are is easier said than done because we aren’t brought up to walk our own individual path, we are brought up to fit in.

What effected you when you were growing up?
Was it the lack of imagination and examples from people like you, who did the things that you wanted to do in life? Did that influence your imagination and limit you on the path you took in your life?
Are there traumatic experiences that keep you from living your full life? Do you now run into the same issues over and over again?
Did the traumatic experiences in your life damage your confidence and limit what you believe is possible for you?
Or might you be a little different from most people, and that meant that it is hard to function in a world that isn’t made for people like you?

I can imagine that it is a little of all of that.

But enought is enough. Life is meant to be worth living, right?

So how do you make a lasting change?

How do you make sure that you live a life that you love, from now on?

Let me tell you a little bit about my coaching so you can decide if you want to work with me personally.

Working togehter for a few months means I get to assist you to unlearn what you had to learn to survive untill now. You learn to let go of the negative effects of those experiences and to become who you really are. A purer version of yourself, one that isn’t afraid to make the desisions that work for you. A version of yourself that has the right kind of confidence and that you know you can trust.

You got you!

The most important thing to share with you at this point is that this coaching is meant for you to integrate into your life so you can do this for yourself. It is not, like many types of therapy, meant for you to depend on me or someone like me. Once you choose to live authentically, you will always be able to do it.

There will be a few things during those weeks that you can take with you for the rest of your life. One of them is the abilitiy to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs. You might not always know how and where you limit yourself but you will discover a way that distances you from your beliefs so you can see what it is that you are doing to yourself that keeps you small. Than, you will be able to choose a better course for yourself and see where that brings you. The experiece that this will bring you will change how you experience life alltogether.

You will shown how to find internal peace. This is an important aspect towards living a life that works for you. This peace, that is in each and everyone of us, is important to clear your mind and open up towards the answers for the personal questions that will follow.

Through our conversations you will experience what it is like to form a connection with yourself before you step into the world. This connectiom with yourself, your inner knowing, is important, as it makes sure that what you do in life is grounded in who you truly are, not in fear or in habits, or something else that is stopping you to live an authentic life. The moment you are connected with yourself you will interact with people, difficulties and options in your life differently than you do now. Stronger and more honest.

You will be unleashing your creativity. Being creative means that you are able to make something where before was nothing. Wether that is a future you didn’t think possible, or something with your hands. Creativity is both a tool as an outcome in this process, when you are coached by me. Bringing creativity in your life means you are in control of your life and have the ability to shape it as it works for you.

If you want to find out if what I am proposing works for you aswell, follow this link. It will first lead you to a form after which you can scedule a free 1:1 intake with me.