Want to really make some change?

Are you a changemaker who wants to mean more for the people and the planet? Or do you want to be a changemaker but you aren’t even making enough change in your own world as it is? 

If you have the feeling you want to be more, I might be able to help you.

Lets take your wardrobe for example, as it is the most personal thing that we own. You want to change your habits because you know that a lot of the items that are in there are harming the people in production and the environment. You do not want to add to the mess we made on the planet. 

That is not all, though, secretly you wish you would dare to make more bold choices in what you wear. But in order to do that you need to stop challenging yourself and be more confident. You don’t know how to do that, so right now, you tell yourself you have to wear something like this in order to fit in at work/school. Some items you own because you feel that they are fine for the other roles you have in life. Like being a parent or a worker from home. Wearing bolder choices might draw more attention to you, and that scares you off. 

Besides, you do not know exactly what you would want to wear that could make you feel great. The things that are available in the stores do not reflect your personality. Especially when you take into account your attempts to make the world a better place. It is hard to give your wardrobe the additional attention and time that it deserves because you are not sure you deserve that. 

What goes for your wardrobe goes for your home and the other areas of your life. Not only do you want to stop being a problem to the planet, you dream about changing your lifestyle altogether. It is hard to think about work and feel like you are making a difference. Sometimes you dream about quitting your work altogether, but you would not know how to do this in a responsible way. When you talk about this with your partner or your parents, they pull up an eyebrow. That sometimes is enough to not think about it for a few days. Besides, you do not even know if that really is the change you want! 

At the same time you feel like there should be more. There should be other things that you could do that would make a difference. Maybe you already have an idea what you want to develop and put out in the world? Have you started something but it has failed? Or you have set up something as a non-profit, because you do not even dare to dream about it as a full-blown business, because that feels like too much or a challenge? Or you want to step up and form a charity for the benefit of something that you feel a deep connection to, but the idea of being the motivating force behind it scares you off? It would take you into the center of attention…

It is hard to change your life to start doing what you really want to do, but you feel it, you want your life to mean more!

My name is Marjolein, and I want to help you to feel confident enough to change your life. I want to help you to set goals, take action, learn and evolve. And I do this by starting at the core. You, which is the only right place to start. 

I want you to feel confident enough to show your ironclad personality. There is no need to look elsewhere for it, it is already there within you and it wants to come out. When you can show up as the real you, with nothing to hide, that is when you can be seen by others and when things start to move for you. That personality can and will have a unique wardrobe showing off your core values. It will help you to be seen. It will help you to feel confident. Because it takes into account what you think is important. Your clothes are perfectly catered to you, aligned with your core values. 

With an outfit that says, here I am, you can start to stand up for what you believe in. For you that might simply be the space to stand out of the crowd, showing you dare to defy how it seems we should be looking? Or it might be an out of the box idea, a service or a product, that you want to sell that is of benefit to others. You will be able to stand for the ideas that you have. 

You will be able to convince entire rooms filled with people. Simply because you are happy with who you are and how you look. You are proud of where you are in life. You are confident enough to show yourself off and reach out to the people that you need to help you to get to where you want to go. 

Rethink. Everything. 

My name is Marjolein, I am a motivational coach. I do not give you the answers, just more interesting questions that will lead to some interesting answers for you. I will get you moving. It is in movement where the answers lie, not standing still. I always wanted to change the world, and fashion, because I see so much that isn’t right. I cannot do this on my own. For years I have been cooking up great ideas in fashion, but my strength is in helping others carve their own individual unique paths.

The world is changing. The way we work, live and breath is changing. Fashion is my passion and that is only at the beginning of what it will be in the future. I want you to enjoy fashion and self-expression as much as I do. From there you will feel strong enough to do whatever you want. What you need to do is not written in stone. There is no book to read, no rules to follow, no steps to take because we live in a time where everything is changing.  

You are creating the steps you need to take one inch/cm at the time. 

Just keep moving. 

For changemakers that want to change more than they seem to be able to do on their own, I have developed “Rethink your wardrobe”. It is the light version of “RethinkPRO”. Both are online motivational programs aimed at making you feel confident so you can wear what you want to wear. There is no need to look at the world around you in order to know what you want to wear. It is important for you to know that you are worth it to be seen. When you feel good and have your looks aligned with your core values, you will be able to stand for what you believe in. RethinkPRO will then kick it up a notch. For changemakers with big ideas it will make sure that you carve your own path to success. The word is changing, and your ideas are new. There is no book you can read and no steps to follow that will help you to get where you want to go. You are going to create your next best step and follow that through with the help of the RethinkPRO-program. 

Want to know if either of those programs are for you? Just send me a message!