“Create your Stage”

I believe you have an inner Icon that wants to come out and help you create a life you love.

Your inner Icon is nothing more than the unapologetic version of yourself.

If you continue to hide parts of who you are, your life will only reflect parts of what you want and need to fully enjoy your time on earth.

If you are not authentic your life will continue to feel as though there should be more to it.

Your inner Icon is the part of you that knows what you want, clearly feels and has no problem keeping others to your personal boundaries.
You inner Icon sees creative opportunities all the time and has a way of changing everything you touch into something unique and inspirational.
Your inner Icon is the authentic version of yourself that has a natural magnetic appeal to others.

I am eager to introduce to you the program that I have developed to help you bring that out in you!!

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* this is me, nice to meet ya!

First, some background…

Our entire life we have been taught to hide parts of ourselves.

Whether that is because of how we are raised, how it was for us with our peers or if there are things in our society that do not match with who we are at our core, there are forces that make us adjust.

As a creator you can add to that the moments of your life where you felt you were the only one with your particular thoughts, ideas and solutions.

More than once in your life you got the feeling that there might something wrong with you.

What you had to do to get through those years is something you have integrated into your habits or may even see it as part of your personality.

Since you have been doing that your entire life, you are an expert at hiding…

The more you hide who you are, what you want and need, the more your life will leave you unfulfilled.

If you want to live life to the fullest, you need to become an expert at showing (up for) yourself.

If you choose to be yourself, and you know how to do that, everything will change.

You will have a unique vibe that will make people WANT to remember you.

They come to you for inspiration.

You know exactly what you want to do and how, if you have a business it will no longer be tough to grow.

You won’t hit a creativity block anymore.

You want to see your ideas come to life and take the space that you deserve, no longer hiding parts of who you are, sabotaging your own success.

If you believe there should be more to life that what you are currently getting, I would love a moment of your time and invite you to read on where I explain how exactly “Create your stage” works!


As a creative you are born to see things differently.

Most of my life I just never understood that to be a gift, I hid it like a handicap.

I come from a place where I tried to keep everybody happy, even if it meant burying my own dreams.

A moment came where I had everything that was ever taught to me was important, feeling completely miserable.

My life was passing me by without me in it.

I had to change.

It was time for me to start dreaming again, and to start using my all skills and abilities instead of trying to fit into something that wasn’t me.

I started creating this business.

What followed was a divorce, a move, and a completely different take on life, work, relationships and well, everything.

I am making sure that “create your stage” is a masterpiece.

I put a few things in the program in a way that you won’t find anywhere else;

  • I have a natural ability to create a safe space, when you are with me you can be who you really are.
  • I have a natural ability to see connections where you don’t.
  • I notice when we speak if you are fooling yourself with believes that do not serve you any longer and will help you change them!
  • I see things happening in the world and our society, that make you feel bad as an individual and translate that into practices that you can use so they no longer do and you can experience freedom in your expression.
  • It is my background in fashion & trends that enable me to help you create something personal, something that has a natural magnetic appeal to others because of its uniqueness.
  • I love creating easy and understandable videos that change how you see yourself and the world, making it FUN to follow my course!

When I started to formulate what I wanted to do for people, nobody seemed to understand what I was trying to do.

This course is unlike what you find in other places, because I didn’t develop it with clever marketing.

It is an honest and raw tool to help people enjoy their lives better, and to change the world in the process.

Where as most of the people I had known for longer didn’t understand me, a few create individuals seemed to.

So they gave me a chance…

See the results here;

We can figure out if “create your stage” gets you to where you want to go, too, simply by booking in a call with me!

What can “Create your stage” do for you?

If your creativity is sometimes blocked and you find it hard to do what you think you should be doing; if you feel you are walking in circles and you keep putting time into marketing but it isn’t doing what it should or if you downright feel like there should be more to life that you are getting right now, this course might be your answer.

We live in an environment that has very little genuine new ideas and creativity, and can’t help but look around us anyway trying to find out what our place in this world is.

I can help you to stop living like you have your handbrakes on.

I believe that you could be a much more vibrant, creative and naturally magnetic individual than you are right now if you start to trust yourself and learn to be unafraid to create the space for you that you need to live your life to the fullest.

That is what this course does.

It helps you to know who you are, create a path for yourself that you love walking, unleashes your creativity so you have a unique vibe & style that is magnetic to other people.

If you want to bring out that inner Icon, that unapologetic version of yourself, “Create your stage” is it for you, no matter what you do. (I mean, you do not need an actual stage, nor does that need to be your goal. If you want to be who you are, unapologetic, and create space for yourself to just do you, this is for you!)

Obviously that is a load to take on, this transformational course is split up into 5 different subjects that you go through in other to bring out that vibrant unapologetic Iconic version of yourself, and I love to explain what they are going to do for you!

the subjects/chapters that we will be going trough.

You do You
We have been taught, from the time we were a baby, to not listen to ourselves. Whatever comes naturally we often forgot because of that negative feedback, or we have stopped developing. You are going to dive into who you naturally are, because, if done unapologetically, this will give you a unique vibe, you creative ideas a unique angle and it will help you to never experience creativity-blocks again.

Mindset & Self-Image
You can’t do what you want to do unless you believe you can. Everywhere in our society we are told that we are not good enough. This chapter will give you the tools to fight that. It will make you believe in yourself and help you to make sure that you take one step after the other in order to get to where you want to go.

Unleash Your Creativity
Showing who you are means you have to get off the beaten track. Thinking “outside of the box” has nothing on thinking like only you can. You have way more creativity that you are currently showing. This chapter will help you to unleash all the creativity you have inside you. You will never be lost for words/ideas/creations again because you know what you need to do to get into the right creative flow.

Rethink Your Wardrobe
Fashion and clothing is a representation of the status quo in our society. Translation? It is boring and limited. It isn’t strange if you are used to struggle with it, this chapter will help you to change your relationship with clothes and help you to curate a wardrobe that you love to dress yourself in, so you dare to show yourself wherever you want to go!

Dare to be Seen
Dare to show yourself online & offline. Your creativity, your values and your ideas. Dare to share what you want to say. After this chapter you will know exactly what you want to share, if you do not show your face it is because you do not want to, not because you do not dare. You will represent yourself strong not in-spite of who you are, but because of who you are.

Don’t sweat yet!

I know it is a load, that is why its called it a transformational-course.

Things will never be the same again. (something Sporty Spice knows too)

Anyway, you don’t go through this alone. It is a tried and tested method to get to where you want to go, a true unapologetic self, that feels strong while showing who you are.

Check this if you don’t believe me!

What else does this program has to offer?

A bunch of changing trainings, mini-courses and XL double overtime-stuff combined with live group-coaching sessions.

Not kidding! Every so often there will be a course that gets you to a goal of yours ASAP because it cuts though the chapters that I just discussed with you.

Think along these lines;

This is a short course for anybody who wants to dress as who they really are. Warning; you will never look at fashion the same way, again!
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The only way to make sure people find your and connect to you in the online space is if you are authentic in what you do. The moment you are, you create something that stands out and attracts the right people.
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Sharing your story will make it easier for others to connect to you. Maybe you need to change what you are doing just a tad bit to make sure you enjoy it again.
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This is just an example of the extras that will be happening in the course.

If this got you enthusiastic and you think this might be for you, klick the button below and find out if there is a time available so we can chat if this really would work for you!