Change you habits and learn to curate a inspirational and personal wardrobe. This eBook is for consumers sick of how they consume.

I have written this e-book is for people, changemakers, that are changing the world and themselves for the better and are having trouble recognizing themselves in their wardrobes. If you are ready to take action and to start enjoying fashion, this e-book is good place to start. This book is for you if you feel it is time for you to be confident about what you want to wear. Not just how you look but also where your clothes come from, the story that they represent.

It might seem normal for your wardrobe to be frustrating, trust me, it isn’t. Your wardrobe should be fun and perfect for only one individual in the world; you. I have written this book to help you confidently challenge the status quo in fashion.

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In the e-book you will learn;
– What is wrong with how we buy and why it is affecting our mental health.
– What are the elements that keep this unhealthy relationship with clothing going.
– What it would feel like if you can wear items that are perfect for you
– Why you should be able to see yourself in your garments rather than showing off high street shopping seasons.
– How deep the unhealthy behavior is rooted in our society.
– Why short-term buying is ineffective in getting a great wardrobe.
– Why short-term buying is the number 1 priority of most shopping brands.
– Why it is important to have a unique wardrobe that supports your personality
– The first step to a more fulfilling wardrobe.
– How thinking like a designer and feeling like a muse, is going to help you get a fantastic clothing collection meant for you, alone.

This free e-book will help you take a step back and look at fashion the way it is today and how it is affecting your mood and confidence. This is not new for you, but it might be refreshing to look at it in a different way. I will show you that the current fashion systems are not a state that you need to be in or have no choice but to take part in.  

When you are ready to experience fashion being a positive force in your life I invite you to fill in your details so I can send you the e-book. It will help you to Rethink how you have been experiencing fashion, take action and take leadership over your habits.

Filling in your name will get you a link to the e-book and put you on my email-list.
You are free to unsubscribe at any time.