“Leading your life”

Leading your life means you take leadership over your life.
You no longer let trauma, ideologies, labels, and boundaries, the need to “fit in” or to prove yourself, decide how your life is going to be. Instead, you learn to live “from the inside out”.

Living an authentic life means you have a clear and strong connection with yourself. You trust yourself. You know you will do the right things for you. Indeed, that means you will be able to forge good relationships with people, and not fall for the same @#$% anymore.

Having that strong connection doesn’t mean that you will never have a moment in your life again that you needed to learn from. However, you will know exactly how to deal with those moments. In fact, fear plays less of a part in your decision-making, which is why it might be easier for you to take chances responsibly and create a life that is worth living!

When you learn to live an authentic life, it is almost like a skill that you train. That is why this can be taught, and you do not need therapy or counseling for the rest of your life from me. Experience tells us you can do it in about 16 weeks. (Sounds a bit exaggerated to you? Great, ask me why in our 1:1 free intake call!)

Among other things, you will learn, to;
– clearly feel and communicate your boundaries.
– how to deal with limiting beliefs and create beliefs that work for you.
– to be unapologetic about who you truly are.
– experience internal freedom and clarity.
– flexibility in this ever-changing world.

Living authentically means life becomes more uncomplicated. You won’t worry anymore about what others might think of you. You also know how to stop excessive or unwanted thinking. You do not have to hold up to ridiculous standards, you can just be yourself. (reading that feels already more relaxed, doesn’t it? If not, you should really really talk to me… click here).

In time you will find out there is space to be creative when you are authentic. Might be weird for you to hear this right now, but being authentic means you will be able to create and see things that you wouldn’t have been able to see before. That is because before you were too busy adjusting yourself to what was expected from you, or needed for you in the past because of your traumas.

It means you can let go of perfectionism. You know from experience perfectionism doesn’t work already, but it is hard to cut this habit if you are trying to be something you are not. There is just more to prove when you are not able to “just be yourself”.

You will be more resilient to opinions and demands from other people. Being authentic means you know who you are, good sides and bad. If you accept all the parts of you, nobody will be able to make you feel bad about yourself or your choices. You have found the freedom to live a life that you love!

If you want to know more about how to get there, I would love to hear from you. Click here, or the below button picture to get a chance to talk to me personally, to see if we are a good match!