Personal Coaching

When you work on your growth and mindset by yourself, you often unknowingly find yourself dancing around the same thoughts or believes, changing only very little. Coaching on a 1:1 basis gives you the opportunity to do more, to change more about your life in a quicker pace, because it will show you what you can’t show yourself.

You want to do 1:1 coaching with me if you are ready to take control. If you are done with messing around and running into the same things over and over again. When your creativity drops again, or if you find it hard to know if you are doing the right thing. If you find yourself being stressed out. Again. Or when you are restless because you just know there is just more to life than what you are getting from it right now…

The coaching I offer you, can change all that, which is something I know from experience. In my search to do my job better, I tried to learn many different methods and techniques. It wasn’t until I found this approach, that I experienced the impact of on my life too, that I had realized I found what I was looking for.

It was about 1,5 years earlier that I had been staring out of the window of my dream house, into my dream garden, having all the things that were supposed to make me happy, feeling nothing but dread. I didn’t feel alive and this life didn’t feel like it was mine.

That started a process of changing and healing. When I found this coaching approach, as said 1,5 years later, I was in a scary moment. There was no way back into the safety of that “previous” life, too much had changed already, but I also didn’t know how to go forward and really improve my situation.

Being coached myself was part of the curriculum, during which I realized why I was the source of my problems. I understood what I had done that made my life turn out like this and how to now longer do that. I understood how I was limiting myself, and how to stop that, too. I learned to make my decisions from the right place and to become truly authentic. I knew what had shaped and hurt me in the past and how to forgive it and unlearn it. I learned how to take true responsibility for my life and my decisions, and I never pointed a finger at anybody again.

The most interesting thing that I realized, was that it all quickly starting to feel lighter. Sure, it was hard to trust someone else and turn myself completely inside out, but very soon life started to feel much simpler and my opportunities greater. I lost the moodiness that I had felt for so long in the first two sessions, already.* It did more than any visits to the psychiatrist had ever done.

After experiencing the impact on my personal life, I was even more sure that I wanted to be able to take this into my coaching practices too. So that is the case today.

We shouldn’t just accept ourselves the way we are, we should celebrate and make space for the unique things that make us who we are. I am an authenticity coach, and people who come to me want to learn to live free from limiting believes or how things should be done. I show you how you can make your decisions and life choices so they are in line with who you really are. So you dare to create your life in such a way that it works perfectly for you.

Email me at info@marjoleinvandedonk.com for a first, free, appointment/intake.

* disclaimer; it felt lighter early on in the process, for me. That doesn’t mean it will be like that for you, the process is different for everyone.