The online coaching program that will get you to confidently show-off the real you.

This program is for you if you are beginning to realize that how we consume and experience fashion is not making you feel better. You are making a negative impact on the planet with clothes that you do not even like! You want to change, but do not know how, exactly.

It is time to Rethink the whole thing!

When we go shopping, we do this because we feel we need something. Either that is the need for a new garment, or the need for company and entertainment. Even at home, alone, sometimes the rush you get from buying something new is enough to buy items online and disregard what you already have in your wardrobe. But you are starting to realize that this way of working with your wardrobe isn’t doing you any favours.

It is when you are in front of your wardrobe in the morning, getting ready to wear something, that you realize it isn’t really working. There is a wardrobe full of clothing, but it is hard to select what you really want to wear. When you dress up, you feel it just isn’t good enough.

Besides, you know by now that what you buy has a negative impact on the planet and the people working in production. You want to change your consumer habits, but you do not know exactly how. What is right for you, what habitual changes can you do that work for you? There are so many people and ideas on how to be a more sustainable consumer, often they are contradictory, even!

You envy some people around you. They seem to know what they should wear. They seem to know their style. They know where to get those garments and seem to be making those steps in sustainability which you dream off. When you try to wear what looks great on them, to try out if it does the same for you, you realize it just doesn’t work. You just do not know what works for you and how to get that!

What if you could? What if you would know exactly what you wanted to wear? It means that in the morning your look into your wardrobe and see outfits that you dig. There is control over the amount of clothes you have in your wardrobe. You know how they are sorted, stacked or hanged. And where they came from. You know what to combine with what, just the way you like it. In the morning there might be a moment of indecisiveness again, but that is simply because all the outfits suit you equally well and make you feel great. There is always another day in the week to wear that next awesome outfit!

You would be more confident than you are now. Not just because what you wear makes you feel better, but because you are happy with who you are. Remember that friend, that knows how to dress? But when you wear what they wear it just doesn’t work? That is because she/he/they wear it with pride. They feel great. That shows through their outfit and that is what you want to wear. But the change happens within. They are happy where they are in life. They have forgiven there past mistakes and they feel they are where they are supposed to be. In that situation you can make clothing choices that suit you. It means you are in a place where what you want to wear weighs more that what you think others might say when you do.

It means you do not need others approval anymore. That feeling you get when somebody gives you a compliment? A compliment about how you look? It is fun, getting noticed for your choices, but you do not need that anymore. It means you can leave the house without begging your partner to notice your new haircut/top/outfit. For that matter, you do not need anything new in order to feel great. You do not need to rely on that rush to feel worthy, because it comes from the inside out.

My name is Marjolein. I am a fashion designer who hates fashion. At least the part of fashion that most of us have in our wardrobes. It is fashion made to sell more. It is fashion made to make sure you buy without thinking about it for too long. After you bought it it is made to make sure you start to feel like it is not good anymore, as if it has a go-by date, in such a way that you will find it easy to discard the item. The fashion that is made to make sure we buy more is, well, horrible. Not just for our mental health (I’ll get to that soon) but also for the planet and the people in production. It is an interesting system, though, and it is changing. But it is not changing as fast as I want it to change, and certainly not as fast as I want you to change.

So, why I am a fashion designer?

Well, there is this part of fashion that stole my heart. It is fashion that, at its core, has creative people that have something to say. That fashion, the part of fashion that I love, expresses the individual that is creating. It may show the designers discontent with society. It may show the designers struggle, or what he/she/they love the most. Or it simply shows the brands heritage. Most big brands and designers are born with a revolutionary idea. If you see the collections now, sometimes decades later, you still see what they were about when they started.

We can learn from that.

We, the everyday consumer, can learn from that. You do not need a big wallet to make you clothes stand for something. All you need is to use and develop your creativity. Creativity in the highest sense of the word. You do not need to be able to use a sewing-machine to finally make a suit that is perfect for you. You need to use your creativity to find ways to make that happen anyway!

But I am getting ahead of myself. Having the most perfect suit in the world might be a bit daunting to begin with. Just a wardrobe with clothes that come from the right places, are important to you and have a sense of belonging would be a great place to be, wouldn’t it?

I help people to get to that.

I have developed Rethink your wardrobe. It is a 6,5 weeks program based on my experiences in fashion. It is meant to change your perspective on fashion, because I see people struggling around me. You wear clothes everyday, sometimes you might even change a few times during the day. (Unless you go out naked, which I totally endorse.) It is something that costs us money, time and more importantly a lot of brainpower, which would be fine if you would than feel great.

I can see that is doesn’t though, everything that people spend on clothes, it isn’t making them feel great. That is in a stark contrast on how I know you can experience fashion. You can have fun with it, feel great in it and make it count for something.

I coach and motivate people into finding and showing who they are, helping them letting go of the status quo. If I could, I would want to meet you in the street and get an idea of who you are, what you stand for and what you find important in life. I want to be inspired by your choices. You just cannot do that in the last three seasons of H&M’s collections.

Nor can you do that while still feeling unhappy with who you are at your core. It is important to help you to get the confidence that you need to make the decisions that you want to make and get the voices that tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing out of your head. Those never helped anybody.

While going to the 6,5 weeks of Rethinking, you will learn to look at fashion differently. Fashion is awesome! It is a fun thing to work with, an addition to your life and your self. It will no longer be hard, or difficult. It will no longer be a limiting force on your life and who you are.

You will change your buying-habits, drastically. Whatever ideas you have now, about what you want to change about your clothes, after being in this course you will know why you want them to change and how. You will have the stamina to keep it up until you see and feel the benefits of your changes in your wardrobe and the mirror.

You will learn how you can express yourself in your clothing. Bigger impactful habits, like where to shop, help to show off what your values are. Smaller changes, like when where and how you would like to do your repairing, help to add a bit of personality to your wardrobe.

You won’t be able to show who you are in your clothing if you haven’t got a clear picture of what your core values are. What is important to you in life, in general, makes decision making how you want your wardrobe to be, easier. It makes it easier to think outside the box. You can generate some truly unique habits for yourself after you have brought to the surface what is important to you.

This approach usually makes clothes last longer. That is more sustainable at its very core. But even if your focus is not on sustainability, adding your personal core values to the mix will make a difference. Your core values are not, I want to destroy the planet or I want people to suffer. Well, if they are I can probably help you too. We can design a kick-ass evil-villain suit together, but I might pass on the option, due to my core values…

Sustainability is a wide subject with many perspectives. You can tackle this most efficiently when you start to change what is easy for you. In my experience, when you start small you realize there is fun in it. Feeling that will make changing easier and compelling. You slowly move on to bigger impactful things, before you know it you have created a new lifestyle that represents everything you want it to represent.

You wont have a wardrobe that you love by the end of 6,5 weeks of Rethinking yet. Buying the right clothes takes time and therefore the change in your habits will take time. But you will have a clear idea about what you want to do with the garment your own. For the future you will know how and where you want to buy your clothes.

What if this changes? What if your body changes, your mood, your age or who knows what? You know by now that fashion isn’t rigid and neither is your personality. All your preferences might change. The beauty of the Rethink program is, though, that it empowers you to take charge over your wardrobe. It is not a temporary suggestion as some stylist might have for you. It is not just one look in your wardrobe to see what you can wear now. It is not one look at fashion to see what can be done to make you fit into the times. This course signifies a lasting change in how you experience fashion and clothing. If anything changes in your situation, you know what to do to align your habits again. To match your wardrobe with you personality again. You got this!

So how can we do that?

We are in a cycle of buying that needs to be broken. The Rethink program does that. The cycle works as follows; you find yourself with a wardrobe that just doesn’t feel right. At one point you start to feel like you need something new. You go to your usual stores, where you find something that is in a price-range you feel you can afford. You find something that makes you feel good for a few wears. When the vibe of “new” is gone, it is part of your regular wardrobe and you find yourself with nothing to wear, again.

The problem is in all of the different aspects of this cycle.

BEAUTY STANDARDS – We are bombarded with beautiful pictures of people that look supernaturally beautiful. The way they look is often very specific. They are thin, long, or muscular. It is hard for most people to look like this. For the people that are on those images it is a daytime job to look like that. Nevertheless, we try to. It is because we see those images so often, we measure ourselves with them when we look in the mirror. When we look in the mirror we tend to forget about the industry that is behind those images. It is an industry that benefits from you feeling bad. It tries everything in its power to keep you feeling bad, and has a product for you to improve your situation.

NEED FOR NEW – You feel the need to buy something new because the garments in your wardrobe are not good enough. They do not come from the right place, they do not have the right quality, they do not carry enough meaning to you. It makes sense you start to feel the need for new, with a wardrobe that is this shallow, un-personal and horrible.

PRICE PER WEAR – When you go shopping, you have your favorite stores to go to. They are in a price-range you feel you can afford and are used to. You would never spend much more on a pair of jeans than what they sell you because you have an idea in your head what a normal price is. But that price in your head is based on how much garments you buy and how quickly you get tired of them. You might buy 3 or 5 or 10 pairs of pants in a year. What if you would buy only 1 where normally you would buy 2? It means the price can be double. It means the quality can be twice as good, the story it carries can be twice as meaningful and you might be wearing it twice as long, because it is a garment that is better in every way.

SHOPAHOLIC – You misinterpret the vibe you get from wearing something new with feeling good about your outfit and yourself. When we shop and buy something new we feel great in it. When we buy something we get dopamine, among other things, released in our brain therefore buying new makes us feel good. The more you rely on these chemicals to judge if you want to buy this new thing, the more difficult it is to curate a wardrobe that you love. You notice how you depend on the rush you get to make you feel good, by how quickly you stop liking your new outfits. If you start to dislike your outfits already after one or two wears you rely on the “rush of new” a lot.

We need to break the cycle and make sure we can start with a spiral that goes up. Up towards a wardrobe that is lasting and that you love.

The Rethink program will teach you approaches that will help you to spiral up. It is not a step by step approach. It will help you to start to do things differently and than improve on that. There are pillars on which Rethink will help you to change.

DESIGNERS APPROACH – You have been dressing yourself your whole life. During that lifetime fashion and trends have changed. When you look at the clothes you wear you always look at your past. Your wardrobe is, always, dated. You have bought it in the past and are trying to dress todays-you.

But there are things in there that we can work with to uncover what you like to wear. Some things are consistent in your wardrobe. It is your wardrobes DNA. Like a designer who starts to work for a new fashion house. That designer, with or without his team, first looks at the brands history. Some of the brands even have a vault of items, notes and designs that were important for the brand in the past. The designer reinvents elements that are important into a new contemporary collection.

When we find out what is consistent for you, what your preferences were through time, beyond trends, you won’t buy another item in vain ever again.

BE YOUR OWN MUSE – Designers work with muses. The buying and design team of big warehouses work with muses. They are the embodiment of their perfect client or customer. You should be your own muse. For some of you this is a stretch. We are not used to looking at ourselves with admiration. But we should. In our everyday lives but possibly even more when we dress ourselves up. Because who and what else should we be dressing up for? What is the point of having a wardrobe that is literally meant for somebody else? Learn not to look at other peoples anymore, learn to celebrate you.

STATE OF MIND – In order to change your habits and look at fashion differently, you get to learn what is wrong with todays fashion. We have a strained relationship with fashion. Fashion has a grip on us. It seems to dictate what we should be doing and we try to adhere to it. In the course you will learn to recognize this, than we learn to tackle this. You learn how to stop listening to what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be wearing and just be ourselves in the storm of the massiveness of the beauty & fashion industry.

HOW THE WORLD INFLUENCES YOU – We are a part of the greater world. And that world effects us. How others look affects how we want to look. What others say has a similar effect. What we look at, on a daily basis has an effect on how we feel. What can you do to be aware of it, influence it and create, in order to have a from of control over it?

HOW YOU INFLUENCE THE WORLD – Whether or not you are set on changing the world with your habits, you know that the freedom to look how you want to look, is an empowering one. If you take the freedom to express yourself the way you want to, you might be able to help others to do the same.

It is all online, so convenient! You will get an inspirational email from me practically every day during the course. The course is a individual one and there is a lot of self work involved, so you will work on your own. As I will tell you often enough, you do not get the answer from me, just very good questions! You will go through assignments and thought-processes as you see fit, the process is different for everybody. There is no need to do everything that I ask of you in the course, but for the best results I recommend that you do.

For any questions and metal support I will be available. You will be talking to me regularly, once a week we will be having a live call, and you can ask questions 24-7 that I will answer asap, while we carve the best road to take for you.

For now, during the pilot version of the course, I will have more time available for you. It means I welcome your feedback on the course. The layout, the communications, myself and any other aspect of the course. You will see this reflected in the price. It will not stay that way so I recommend you contact me ASAP if you want to join and benefit from this.

You can do this by filling in this from. In it there are a few questions that will help us to plan a diligent conversation while we find out if I am the right person to coach you and if Rethink is the program for you to make sure you love how you look.

Looking forward to be speaking to you!

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