Self-expression is everything that you do that others can see.

If you base what you do and what you look like on what you THINK is expected of you, you won’t really like your life and everything in it.

Now, the first time you read that, it may sound very obvious.

But most of the decisions that we make are based on external expectations!

We have been taught that a happy life means having a family, it is hard to be different, if you are someone who doesn’t want children you will find yourself having to explain yourself million of times!

We live under the impression that it is your fault if you seem to be unable to choose the right education and the right job from the available options, it seems to work for everyone else, you must be at flaw if it doesn’t work for you!

And you know that if you don’t know what to wear it simply means that you aren’t very good at spotting trends and that it is YOUR fault if you cannot find the joy in fashion!

That is only a snippet of the ideas that exist that put a little, or a lot, of pressure on you.

We are not taught that it is okay to be doing something differently, just because you feel you want to.

And that means that you feel right now that miss something in your life.

That is where I come in.

I help you to be who you really are, and take decisions from that place.

I believe that you KNOW what and how you want to do things, but it is just snowed in.

You have been taught not to believe in yourself.

In your veins runs blood that thinks it’s not good enough.
The cells of your body are trained to keep you form speaking up, because that might make you the next target.
You looks are devoted to not-stand-out and to be appealing to as many people as possible.

I help you to find the strength to believe in yourself and your dreams.

To make sure that you do what you need to do to create that life.

That life that you love to wake up to.

You can live you life as an Icon.

I believe everybody has an inner Icon that wants to come out, but we keep that from happening, either through self-sabotage or because of how we are brought up.

An Icon knows who they are, what they want and how they want to do it.

They have a unique style to them, that is anchored in their authenticity.

There is just so much fake, there is a need for real and for honest.


Being who you are, while others can see you, is hard.

It is the most vulnerable thing you can do.

But not being who you are, drains you.

If it is bad, it will get you a life that you do not really want.

(speaking from experience, see the about me page)

At any point you can start to take back your life.

(Or your marketing.)

And start to share a message that you truly believe in.

Show up for yourself unapologetically.

Wherever it is you want to be seen.

If you, like most of my clients, want to finally do what you really want to do and how you want to do it, we need to talk.

Most of the people I work with want to be honest and real in their communication, in their lives.

They want to be authentic and free from the fear that holds them back.

Let me know if you want that too, cause I dig that sh*t.

I want to help you to feel strong and be successful because of who you really are, not despite of who you are.