Chances are you know who I am as you have found your way to my website. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself, my name is Marjolein;

“I help changemakers that are bothered by their superficial wardrobes, to create intrinsically motivated clothing habits so they can confidently show off on the outside who they are on the inside.”

I hear you thinking, okay, Mj, what in the world does that mean!?

Well, changemakers are people that are trying to change for the better. In any field. Whether you are trying to reduce packaging, buy more sensible products or are trying to be more loving and caring, you are making changes to improve.

Now about your wardrobe. When your clothes come from main street shops, you have a superficial wardrobe. In fact, at their core all of our wardrobes are filled with superficial clothes. We do not know where the clothes come from, we do not know who made them. We do not know what the designer meant with the design and we hardly know the people in the stores that we bought the items from.

We buy into a marketing story that relies on a rush that gets released when we buy something. There is no attachment to the clothing that we buy that is lasting. It is easy to trow out items and to buy new ones.

So, when are you bothered by this superficial wardrobe?

If you don’t mind the feeling like you have nothing to wear than you are not bothered by your superficial wardrobe. If you do not mind running to the store for every new “thing” that you have, every party or gathering, than you are fine. And if you do not mind the bad effects of the current fashion cycles, the environment, and the hard lives of the people that work in fashion, than you are most certainly fine.

For everybody that is not living under a rock this is different. And the success of the new sustainable clothing labels as well as the immense “green-washing” that is currently spreading, it becomes clear that people have had enough off mindless consuming. People are starting to wake up to the fact that we are, by the millions, part of a very unhealthy system that needs to change. Not just because of the bigger problems, like the environment, but because if you. Because it is not good for your mental health to surround yourself with meaningless things.

So, as a changemaker you are already feeling the change. You are part of the change. But lasting change is often hard. With the unhealthy habits being so common it is difficult to see how it can be different. Most people that go though changing their habits usually follow somebody else’s rules. That makes it difficult to follow your own path.

I believe that real change starts with you feeling and knowing that you deserve the change and that you deserve a better treatment for yourself. And a better treatment for yourself means the opposite of allowing you to buy whatever you want. It means that you spend time to figure out what you want. What you want fashion to mean to you. In its core, when we talk about fashion, it means that you decide that fashion needs to suit you, and you should stop trying to fit into fashion.

This part might need to be explained a bit more. You see, when we buy things we buy into the story that the brand is trying to sell us. The story that they sell us is displayed in the add campaigns that they run, in the colors of the collection and in the shape and look of the models that display the clothes. It is a madeup story that doesnt have anything to do with what the garments really are and how they are made, but that is besides the point for now.

When you buy from a brand you try to fit into this story. You literally try to squeeze yourself into their limited idea of what beauty should be like, how the world should look from their point of view.

What I want to teach you, is how you should turn this around. Any items or garment that comes into your wardrobe should suit you. It should fit with what you think is important. It should have a (real!) background story that you like and resonates with what you think is important in life. And it should make you feel great, inside (story) and outside (look).

This difference is clearly visible when you hear people talking about clothing. When you say things like, I am too fat for that pants, I am too tall for that dress or my feet are too big. In these examples the problem seems to be you. But you are never the problem. You need to know that whatever you are trying to fit or to buy, it needs to suit you!

When you are confident. And when you know what you want and what you do not want you will be able to challenge the status quo confidently. You will be able to wear what you want because it is important to you. And the goal, for me, is to get you to enjoy fashion. To make is more important in your life, like the way it is meant to be!

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