Can I help you?

My name is Marjolein and I am a self-expression coach.

Simply put, I help you to feel great about who you are and what you look like so you can show up wherever you want to be and do whatever it is you feel you need to do.

My coaching is for you if you;
– want to feel fantastic when you leave the house because you are proud of who you are.
– want to know exactly what you want to wear and why.
– want to show the real you in both the online and offline world.
– want to know how to break though negative or limiting ideas about yourself.
– want to know how to incorporate your core values in your wardrobe, like; not hurting others; being inclusive; being mindful of the environment or whatever it is that is important to you.
– want to feel worthy. Worthy of time, space, money, effort, love and so on.
– want to find a unique approach to the clothes in your wardrobe so they suit you perfectly any last.
– show up as who you are, unapologetically.

Sometimes we look at what we wear and we feel the clothes that we own do not make any sense. Maybe you went through a rough patch in life, and you feel like you changed, or maybe you feel you have never been able to fully express who you are and are starting to feel the need now.

It doesn’t help that fashion doesn’t serve us. It is sized for bodies that aren’t realistic and there is no room for differences. There are trends and rules that are dictated to you, with a beauty standard that is unattainable. Besides all that, fashion has a bad environmental impact on the planet and its people.

In short, fashion is no fun!

I am a fashion designer who hates fashion… I do have a fascination for everything that is new and unique. Every individual is unique yet most of us dress completely alike (and feel horrible while we are desperately trying to do it right..)

So why on earth do we keep doing that?

I am not going to answer that question, because it is your choice to keep doing fashion that way. I am going to offer you a solution later on.

I have stopped dressing myself like that a long time ago, and I am now having fun with my meaningful wardrobe. I dress quickly in the morning, feeling good about how I look most of the time. When I feel the need to go shopping I know why and I stop myself, solving whatever it is that prompted that feeling. (Never do I need something new, I guaranty that..) I unleash my creativity on my wardrobe from time to time, creating unique pieces and outfits. I know what I like and that is not holding myself up to a beauty standard that is extreme, nor clothes that are hurtful for others and the planet.

If you want to know how to do that, fill in your email address here, and you will get regular emails with tips and ideas on how to get to a wardrobe that you love, knowing that you do not deserve anything less.

If you want to know how I developed my online coaching practice read on below this box.

My struggle with fashion started early.

Before I was a trained fashion designer, I was pretty creative with my clothes, and felt fine with what I wore. Sure, it got some eyes sometimes, but I was happy with who I was and what I looked like. When I was trained as a designer it turned out harder for me. I was told I wasn’t a real fashion designer… Despite that I worked in fashion for a long time, trying to prove that creatively working with clothes was what I was born to do. I stopped doing that when I realized the system that I was trying to be a part of, was simply wrong. Not just because of the effects on the planet and its people but certainly also because of the effects fashion has on our moods, our feeling of self-worth and how we feel about the reflection of ourselves in the mirror.

Like you, I sometimes feel unhappy with what I look like in the mirror. My size, my hair, my feet, my nostrils, anything can trigger that feeling of being not-good-enough. While I was feeling unhappy about what I looked like in the past, I often didn’t take time to dress myself properly at all. I didn’t like what I owned and investing in my wardrobe was difficult. I wore cheap (often trendy) clothes, that quickly lost their spark after I bought them.

For a short period, when I was not working as a fashion designer, I felt horrible about my body and my clothes. My feeling of self-worth was at an all time low. That showed and I still feel embarrassed about that. I hardly looked like a fashion-designer!

Knowing that the fashion industry is the source of so much hurt and un-happiness, meant I knew that following fashion was not the solution to looking and feeling better. But what was?

I started by unleashing my creativity at my own wardrobe. I had the desperate need to love my clothes (and myself) again, so I had to change everything about it. I didn’t do it solely by creating with my hands, using materials that I had worn before, but also by changing where I bought my clothes. It meant I had to stop buying in the main-street shopping malls and use my out of the box thinking about where I could get clothes that I would love forever. (Second hand stores often didn’t do it for me.) I had to learn to invest in my garments which meant I had to feel worthy of them too…

In a way the things that I learned back than where what I knew already when I was younger. I had forgotten these things that came so natural to me because I tried to fit into the fashion-world for years, instead of showing my real, inspirational, self.

What I learned was, among other things, this;
– In order to feel you look great you need to be ok with who you are in life right now.
– Trendy-fashion takes you away from who you are because it dictates rules and ideas about what you are supposed to look like, that you will never be able to make true.
– Using your creativity means you find solutions that only you can think of and therefore will be more true to your self than anything else.
– The fashion-system right now is broken. You know this and that it is worth to try and be less of a part of a broken system, because knowing that you are part of the problem will keep you feeling bad about your clothes.
– That you can increase your joy concerning your wardrobe by aligning your habits with your core-values.
– That change can happen quickly.

So you feel it is time for a change?

Are you done with feeling not-enough? Do you want to feel pride when you look in the mirror or when you see a picture of yourself? Do you want to enjoy getting dressed? Do you want to share your story, your work, your creativity with others effortlessly? You could be a part of Rethink your wardrobe the next time we start… Just fill in this from below and I will get back to you. If you do not get a reply please check your spam. If that doesn’t work reach out a different way, I will always reply if the message gets to me!

If you want more information find the “Rethink” page of this website.

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