Be your inner icon

Do you sometimes fear that you do not have what it takes?

You do not have that BIG personality that people like Dali, Einstein, Westwood, Apfhel or Hans Zimmer seem to have?

You know, those people that seem to have it all?

They did something extraordinary, went through something amazing. Or they look out-of-the-ordinary? Or maybe they have the right heritage, or connections?

If only you were different, THAN you would be successful by now.

Stop right there!

Let me tell you that you DO have the right story. You are talented and interesting enough to be successful!

You just have no way yet, of bringing that out!

I might be able to help you with that!

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I believe that you can be that person…

that changes the vibe of the room when they enter.

In fact it is my goal to help people to grow until they are!

It doesn’t really matter what you do, you can increase the impact you make by becoming unapologetic about who you really are.

The moment you are your authentic Icon, many things will change for you;

– What you do will have its own style, its own concept; no more creative blocks when you are faced with having to make a website or a post….
– How you do it will make you more energetic; you have fun with what you are doing because you are not trying to be something you are not. YOU do you!
– You will be unique in your niche; because you know yourself and what you bring to the table.
– You will have people connecting with you effortlessly.
– You will know what you want and no longer fear to create boundaries; because you know your worth.
– Your outside will match your inside which means you stand out and feel stronger because of it.
– You will know what it is to create your life the way you want it to be.
– You will be confident in front of a camera or any time you feel you need to share your story.

I hear you think; Okay okay, Marjolein, that is a big list, and a load of bla bla.


It isn’t!

Let me tell you why!

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It is in fact very simple.

I help people to be who they want to be.

All we have ever learned in our lives is to fit in.

From our parents we understood quite clearly that how we naturally are, isn’t good enough.

That is wat being raised means.

If your natural behavior is running into a space and jump on the tables your are taught not do to that.

Instilling a feeling that what we feel we want to do, we shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t listen to it and we certainly shouldn’t express it.

That just keeps growing in your life.

Though how we are taught at schools for example.

Or the pressure of our peers.

Most of our adult life is simply falling in line.

I myself have spend 35 years of my life trying to be happy with what I thought was the path to happiness.

I dare to say it was promised, even, to make me happy.

My own dreams were so big that I didn’t dear to speak them.

So I tried to live the way we are supposed to.

(find more on that on the About page)

It didn’t make me happy.

Nor you.

You realized that you want life to be different.

There is more to life than 9-5.

So now what?

It is one thing to realize that you want to change.

It is quite another to actually change it and make it a success.

That is what you do what you would become your inner authentic Icon.

You become the best version of yourself, that person who isn’t afraid.

And you become successful because of it.

You become successful because you are who you are, not despite of it.

You develop a way to do what you want to do and do it how you want to do it.

You will be confident and visible so others can connect to you.

You will no longer stall or procrastinate on what you want to do.

And that will give you a life you love to wake up to.

I developed the course “Create your Stage” to help you to become that unapologetic self, that authentic Icon.

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