Chances are you know who I am as you have found your way to my website. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself, my name is Marjolein;

“I help changemakers that are bothered by superficial wardrobes & the current fashion system, to think out of the box and to get where they want to go.”

I hear you thinking, okay, Mj, what in the world does that mean!?

Well, changemakers are people that are trying to change for the better. In any field. Whether you are a consumer or a creator in the fashion industry. You want to do things differently because you realize the current way you are doing it isn’t working for you or it isn’t making the most of it. How we currently experience fashion is simply not making anybody happy. You realize this and want to change.

Now about your wardrobe, as a consumer; when your clothes come from main street shops, you have a superficial wardrobe. In fact, at their core all of our wardrobes are filled with superficial clothes. We do not know where the clothes come from, we do not know who made them. We do not know what the designer meant with the design and we hardly know the people in the stores that we bought the items from. That is because the fashion system that they are a part of is broken. It keeps us in a state of depletion. You need new items to feel good, but the feeling new items give us never last, because they are superficial; they do not mean enough to us.

Now for fashion creators, when I speak about the current fashion system and state that it is broken, you sure know what I mean. You, as a creator or a designer aren’t as enthusiastic about what you make as you could be. There are environmental issues everywhere, and the workload is heavy. Besides, when you have a new and enticing idea that may tackle certain problems, the system is not making it easier for you to realize them. Everybody in the fashion-system is used to doing things a certain way, and expect this from you, too. It is hard to design the way you want to design.

“I work from the idea that the clothes that are in anybody’s wardrobe should excite them! They should work for that individual so well that dressing up is a fantastic thing to do. The rest, whatever you want from your life, will follow.”

Fashion needs to change. As a consumer you feel fashion isn’t making you feel better even though you spend a lot of energy and money on it. As a creator you are stuck in the fashion system. For both it feels like swimming against the current, the moment you want to change.

My goal is to help you to set out goals for the change that you want. That change should be aligned with your core values. I want you to feel confident enough so that whatever it is you are trying to change, whatever it is you are trying to do differently, you will accomplish.

I do this because I love Fashion. I just do not love the fast fashion most people have in their wardrobes. I want Fashion to be as thrilling and beautiful for everybody, as it is for me. I want to be proud of the fashion system and I want fashion to be a source of good.

For consumers I have developed the “Rethink your wardrobe”-program. You can find more information here.

If you are done with just trying stuff out and you want some clear goals, aligned with your core values, just reach out so we can see if I can help you!