Miracle wanted…

I want to believe in miracles. After spending 35 years of my life trying to be something I am not, I am in a space in-between. I am not in the life I used to have, I also haven’t landed yet in the life that is really mine. I am juggling things that are leftovers from the “old-life” and trying to get enough ground under my feet to start walking in the new.

So I need to believe something I never believed in before.

I have no proof yet I can do what I need to do in this life. I have to believe that beautiful and impossible things can happen in my life, and that it won’t go to waste!

What about a small miracle to start with?

According to the “Six degrees of separation” we are supposed to be connected to everybody in the world with a max of 5 people being the links. It means I could connect with anybody in the world, right?

I wrote a letter while coming back from a concert to the front man of Snow Patrol. Somebody showing their art will always inspire, as it did me, so I couldn’t hold myself in… At that time it wasn’t just the concert, the whole of that trip was important to me. (You can find a bit of this in the blogs that I have written, if you must know).

Anyway, back to miracles, what if I want, this time, my words to reach Gary?

I am going to ask a few people to point me in the right direction. They are in music, surely they know people that know people (x5) that can get me, euhm, let’s say an email address?

Would this work? It would certainly be a miracle if 5 peeps I don’t know would all help me. It would be cool if it works, though.

Might make it easier to be optimistic about life and what can happen if you just try…

lead 1…