The online coaching program that will get you to confidently show-off the real you.

The Online Rethink Program is composed of “Rethink your wardrobe” and “RethinkPRO”

“Rethink your wardrobe” is meant for you if you are beginning to realize that how we consume and experience fashion is not making you feel better. You are making a negative impact on the planet with clothes that you do not even like! You want to change, but do not know how, exactly.

“Rethink PRO” is meant for you if you have a dream and you want to show yourself and your work to the world, but you are uncertain how and find it hard to do this in your own signature style.

Who are you?

Right now, when you dress up in the morning, what do you do? Do you just throw something on? Something comfy? And when you are working and start to think about showing yourself and what you are doing to the world, do you feel like you can do this instantly? Because what you are wearing is a good representation of who you are? Or do you hear yourself say something like, I will do it another day when I look better/have makeup on/…(fill in whatever you need to stall the decision of sharing something with the world..)

And when dress up for an event, with only one person or in a group, do you think about what you should be wearing, instead of what you want to wear? Do you think about what they wear and try to dress accordingly? So when you go there they won’t look at you twice? You fear to stand out, even to the point where the actual garments you wear make you feel uncomfortable, because they aren’t really you, (or they might even hurt a little bit!)? 

Maybe you have more rules in your head. Like, my clothes should be fashionable. My clothes should fit with my age. Or, I should powerdress, if I want that other job/assignment. 

Most of these actions will get you further from what you really want, though. 

You want to be comfortable with who you are at any time, in any group or situation. You can feel great and make an impact that lasts so people remember you after they have met you, if you continue to dress the way you think you should be dressing.

It is time to Rethink the whole thing!

You know how your work is at its best when you create from the heart? When you do not care about what others might say? When it is a subject you care deeply about, when you digg into your feelings, or your experiences and work with that?

You can do this with your wardrobe and everything else that you use to express yourself to the world, too. It means you are being honest about who you are in every way. Increasing the impact you make simply by being and showing yourself which in turn will help you to be more successful at what you are trying to do. 

I want you to get up in the morning, feeling confident. You know who you are, you are comfortable with where you are in lif..You open the doors that keep your clothes from your sight and you will find yourself an outfit in your wardrobe that works for you in every way. Easily. Because all the outfits you have are representations of who you are at your core. There aren’t enough days in the week to wear all your outfits! The outfits you own make sense to you, as you love where they are from and how they came to be in your wardrobe. You work for a day, posting about the work you did, honest and real, and if you have a meeting the vibe in the room changes when you get in. You bring your creativity, your spirit and your self into that room. People love to be around somebody like you because you bring them a boost of energy and you inspire them by just being yourself. 

Can I help you?

My name is Marjolein. I am a fashion designer who hates fashion. At least the part of fashion that most of us have in our wardrobes. It is fashion made to sell more. It is fashion made to make sure you buy without thinking about it. After you buy it, systems are in place to make sure you start to feel like it is not good enough for you anymore soon, as if it has a go-by date. The fashion that is made to make sure we buy more is, well, horrible. It wouldn’t be if it meant we would feel great with what we wear. If all the effort and hardship that goes into producing and selecting the things we wear means we feel fantastic in our clothes. But we do not. How we look and what we wear is a source for much despair, while it could be a source of strength. 

So, if I hate it that much, why am I trained as a fashion designer?

Well, there is this part of fashion that stole my heart, over 25 years ago. It is a kind of fashion that, at its core, has creative people that have something to say. That part of fashion I love, it expresses the individual that is creating. It may show the designers discontent with society. It may show the designers struggle, or what he/she/they love the most. But the most important thing about that kind of creative and inspirational fashion is that there is room for you to be yourself in. To be sustainable, to upcycle, to be funny, to be weird, to be off-trend or on-topic.  

This fashion, however, is not seen very often in people’s wardrobes. If it would, fashion would not be such a struggle. Fashion would not make people despair as much as it is doing, because you would not be as focussed on wearing what you think you should wear. What you should wear is always changing depending on trends, place and who you talk to, meaning that you will never crack this code. If you would wear inspirational-fashion rather than trendy-fashion, you would be wearing things that match with your personality perfectly. It means that wherever you are, you never have to change your looks because they are always you. 

It took me a while before I realised that I wasn’t into fashion because I loved trends, but I was into fashion because I loved new and unique things. Of Course trends are new at their inception, hence my initial fascination with fashion. My fascination with fashion was mostly with fashion that is different, has a strong concept or is out of the ordinary. It is fashion that is about self-expression and it plays with the meaning fashion has in our lives. 

For someone like you, who wants to share their work with the world, maybe even change the world a little, it is even more important to be yourself under any circumstance. When you are afraid to show yourself you are keeping the real impact of your message and therefore your work, hidden away. You break down your own message if you do not speak it with confidence at all times. 

If you think it is time to show up as your true self, unapologetically dressing up the way you want to or just to find out what that looks like, I might be able to help you. 

I have developed an online coaching program called “Rethink” for creative-brains that want to show up as themselves. Whatever creative industry you are in, or whatever new idea you like to take to the people, you want to stand for what you believe in. You want to be seen wherever you go for what it is you have to share. There is no point for you to blend in anymore. It just isn’t going to get you anywhere. When you stand up and make sure you are seen, people will listen to you. In order to do that you do not need to be different, you just need to be more “you”…

The Rethink-program consists of “Rethink your wardrobe” and “RethinkPRO”. 

“Rethink your wardrobe” tackles, well, your wardrobe, title makes sense, doesn’t it!? It focuses on how to think out of the box with your clothes. How to make sure your wardrobe represents you, and not trends or any other value that comes from the outside of yourself. It helps you to create a wardrobe that you are absolutely in love with. It will help you to curate a wardrobe that reflects your core values. 

“RethinkPRO” is there to make sure you actually share and show up. It will help you to break limitations you have set up for yourself, and will make sure you are seen. In a way it will help you to take the personality that you dug up while going through “Rethink your wardrobe”, to be seen in public. 

If you think this might be interesting for you and you want to know more, feel free to contact me with the below form. I love to hear from you and find out what it is you do. In that conversation we will find out if the “Rethink-Program” is for you.