Rethink your Wardrobe

When you dress up, how do you feel?

Do you feel admiration for your body?

Are you happy with how you look?

Do you take one garment after the other from your wardrobe that is amazing?

Does each of your garments give you a tingle of excitement and joy?

Or do you worry?

Do you have no idea how to wear the right things?

Maybe you worry that you are off key or off trend?

That you aren’t wearing outfits that are appropriate for your age?

Do you sometimes even give up trying to be happy with how you look?

Do you feel that you should hide certain parts of your body?

Is it hard to look at certain parts of your body?

Do you want to change yourself?

Do you even like the clothes that you own?

Alright, I know finding clothes that fit your body type, your color, your style is hard.

Having fun and truly enjoying dressing yourself is hard.

But that is not your fault.

Fashion just isn’t what it says it is.

Let me take some time to explain this…

There is a certain type of despair, and you are not alone, around dressing ourselves.

Where do you think about when I say (okay write) “Fashion”?

Probably trends?
Thin mostly blond & white models?
Do’s and Don’ts?

For a load of people fashion is a sort of thing that you have to master.

It is like a skill you have or you don’t.

And when you do you somehow fit in.

You are worthy.

It is for that reason some people don’t relate to fashion at all, anymore.

They don’t care BECAUSE of what fashion supposedly is.

It is something for pretty young girls that love trends.

Trends for you to follow to make sure you fit in the right way.

And the horrible part of it is, trendy-fashion is made in such a way that it makes sure that you need more of it.

Fashion needs to you feel bad about yourself and how you look.

Because if you didn’t it wouldn’t be able to sell you anything!

If you decide that you are happy with who you are and what you own, you don’t have to buy “anything”!

So fashion needs you to feel unhappy about your looks.

Do you catch my drift?

And you let it.

By participating.

By being unable to find a way out, a way out towards clothes and habits that ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!

Clothes and habits that actually make you enjoy dressing yourself up!

It is possible for you to end the loop of feeling unhappy about yourself, trying to fix that with the help of clothes or the beauty industry before finding yourself feeling unhappy about yourself again!

I grew up with a mum that was worried a load about how she looked.

She was never really happy and had no clue how to enjoy dressing herself up.

And for the most part of my life I felt like that too!

Wishing to be thinner, at the same time more curved is not even half of what I wanted to change.

And the other day my daughter told me she wanted to have her hair changed.

She has lovely curls in her hair, but wants her hair straight.

She is seven.

It isn’t your fault if you do not feel happy about who you are naturally, but you can change it.

As a fashion designer I was immersed in fashion for many years of my life.

And quitting that wasn’t easy.

It meant leaving behind something I worked, I should say even fought for.

I had given up a load to be part of the fashion-industry.

Leaving that last bit behind, felt like a failure.

But I couldn’t live with it anymore.

Finding back my “fashion-moyo” turned out to be hard.

I have to admit that for a few years I looked horrible.

To fit into the fashion industry I had to leave behind the creative way in which I dressed myself when I was a kid.

Something that came natural to me.

Now, after seeing how horrible the fashion was to the planet and its people, there wasn’t much left for me to enjoy.

I had to find my moyo again.

My joy and my unique approach to fashion.

That is something that I call “creative fashion”.

It is the antidote to trendy/fast fashion.

And it is fun, now.

I love dressing up.

It isn’t even that hard.

You can have a wardrobe filled with garments that you love to the herring-bone. (fashion joke…)

It is an awesome combination of finally loving who you are and respecting what you want.

Than doing that, unapologetically.

And a wardrobe that you love is ALWAYS sustainable.

Because nobody wants to wear clothes that pollute the planet.

Nobody want to wear items that are made by kids or people in slave-like conditions.

You simply cannot feel good in those.

You know this because you have felt this.

Enjoying clothes means taking into account where they come from.

Enjoying dressing yourself means respecting yourself.

I can help you to love your clothes.

Radiate in them.

To shine not despite of who you are, but because of it.

In the course you will learn:
– To curate a wardrobe that you love.
– A sustainable approach to fashion that is fun for you.
– Change the vibe of the room when you enter.
– Where to find the guts to actually wear what you like.
– Upgrade and spend money confidently on items that you know you love.
– How you want to organize your clothes so it is fun for you to dress-up.
– Fully embrace your unique look & style.
– Enjoy clothes & dressing up!

If you are interested in this course, send me an email, here!!

PS. A part of my wardrobe…