your wardrobe & show your inside out.

For change makers
who want to make
an impact with their wardrobe,
confidently challenge the status quo
& show your inside out.
For change makers who want to make an impact with their wardrobe, confidently challenge the status quo & show your inside out.

You are here because you have a problem with the shallowness of the content of your wardrobe. When you think about your wardrobe you feel uneasy. When you need to get dressed in the morning you do not know what to chose, do not know how to express yourself and worry what other people might think. You chose something to wear, and play it safe, again. You look at all the items in your wardrobe and think that it is just such a waste. You buy items to wear them only shorty, because the joy to wear them vanishes pretty quickly. Knowing that fashion is a big impact for the environment makes it feel worse. You tried to fix this by buying more sustainable, but this is a problem, as you do not know what style you have. What store to go to. In front of the mirror you wish you looked different. You wish you had a different skintone. A different colour hair. Actually you wish you just had a different shaped body. Not having garments that make you feel good, you feel, is your own fault. 

It is possible, also for you, to feel confident. To know that what you wear makes you feel great, because it is carefully chosen by you. You can be confident enough to know that what you wear suits you and that you wouldn’t want it any other way. You can get up in the morning, open the doors to where you collection is, and feel joy! You can get to a situation where you carefully think about when or even if to wash your items because they deserve the time it takes to clean them carefully. If they are damaged you will try to find the right person to repair them. When you leave the house you leave knowing that your outfit makes the right impact. Environmentally as well as personally. 

I have made this page for you so that we can find out if I can help you. 

My name is Marjolein. I have been working in fashion for a very long time. I have some outspoken ideas about why fashion is not a source of good in our everyday lives. And that this is a massive pity for our lives. Clothes are often called your second skin. And having no joy from expressing yourself in your second skin has mental repercussions. 

I would like to see people around me express themselves with confidence and dress themselves with joy. That is what I work for.

Curating, as you need to consider each item in your wardrobe as a piece of art, your wardrobe is an ongoing process. You wardrobe develops like your personality.  That process often takes years (definitely not fashion seasons!). That is why I have a program available as a subscription for you to help you to start to confidently show who you are.

If you want to be happy with your wardrobe, and with yourself, you need to realize that just changing the clothes in your wardrobe is not going to cut it. That is basically what you have been trying to do whole you life. You need to Rethink what it is that you are trying to do, why you are doing it and if you should be doing it in the first place. 

That is where RETHINK your wardrobe comes in. 

When you are Rethink-ing you are giving your life a complete overhaul. You try to get all those little, often limiting, thoughts to the forefront and decide whether or not they still help you. You figure out if and where you want your clothing to come from, if they match with your core values. You use and develop creative skills, whether that means creative thinking or creative doing, most often, both. 

The most important thing that you will learn is why it is important that you rule fashion instead of letting fashion rule you… 

If you are interested in a fee consultation-call, I would recommend you press the button below this text. It leads to a form that you can fill, so we can go straight into the depth of the conversation during that call. I know it is daunting to have to talk to me about how you feel about who you are and who you want to be, but you have taken the first step to being who you want to be! 

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