Short courses

This is a short course for anybody who wants to dress as who they really are. Warning; you will never look at fashion the same way, again!
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The only way to make sure people find your and connect to you in the online space is if you are authentic in what you do. The moment you are, you create something that stands out and attracts the right people.
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Sharing your story will make it easier for others to connect to you. Maybe you need to change what you are doing just a tad bit to make sure you enjoy it again.
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In the future there will be more courses evolving around how you express yourself.

They will help you to bring out your inner icon…

A Icon is someone who knows what they want.

They know how to put up boundaries.

They know what they want from life, and have no fear expressing who they are.

You CAN be your Icon, both inside and out.

You will be able to show up unapologetically, be visual where you want to be be seen and be unafraid to give your opinion and your thoughts.

In the future there will be more courses around “Being your inner Icon” – How to be and to show your best self.

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