Short courses

Do you want to wear clothes that make you feel fantastic each and every time you wear them?

Outfits that make you feel like you could take on the world?

Because actually you are?

Instead of the constant feeling that you are not good enough, clothes could make you feel strong.

Questions like; is this the right trend? Should I wear this with my body? Is this appropriate for my age? Should, and could, not be a part of your mirror-repertoire.

The moment you dare to wear what you have always wanted to wear, the world changes for you.

I mean it.

Because you stop hiding who you are and take the space you deserve.

You can have a wardrobe filled with clothes that help you to do that.

Clothes that you love not only because they look fantastic, but because they come from the right places.

A sustainable wardrobe is after all filled with clothes that you love and therefore lasts forever.

If you want to feel empowered through your clothes, the short-course “Rethink your Wardrobe” might be for you….

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In the future there will be more courses evolving around how you express yourself.

A Icon is someone who knows what they want.

They know how to put up boundaries

They know what they want from life, and has no fear expressing who they are.

You CAN be your Icon, both inside and out.

You will be able to show up unapologetically, be visual where you want to be be seen and be unafraid to give your opinion and your thoughts.

In the future there will be more courses around “Being you Icon” – How to be and to show your best self.

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