Update on Dubaly.

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There has been a surge in questions on what the status is on Dubaly. I keep having to respond to the question about if I have something for sale negatively. So, because also my spouse has been surprised about the amount of work that goes in a collection before it can be sold, I will share an insight on the development of the first 3 garments, aka the first set!

Now, at first with most collections you have an idea in your head. This idea will be brought to life with test-fabric. You will try it on, and adjust according to your new insights. This needs to be done over and over until you are happy with the result and the real thing can be made. Apart from getting the right fit, I also need to try out the different sizes (or grading). I started with both things at the same time.

My first was supposed to be simple, one outfit to start with. This was a bodysuit, a pants and a sweat vest. Then, I started making them, and almost completely trashed it! It had too many zippers, too many pattern pieces and too much of everything else.

The result of the second start from scratch was much simpler. A tee, a pair of pant and a long sleeved bodysuit. The model should be most simple because it shows the best the pattern of the fabric. After drawing the patterns I added the grading. As I had not just one, but two models around me almost constantly, I was able to make a small size and the biggest size of the size range in test-samples for them and try them on.

Two models with Vermeer-like lighting!

Now, as I have made a few more samples you will see that these ones were a good try in the right direction, but not there yet. As a next step I further developed the pattern of the bodies, but I made a beginners mistake! I put the fabric on in the wrong direction. Therefore the bodies would not stretch. It would only give me an idea of the sequence of the bodysuits, but nothing more. So, trashed it again!

Thankfully I know how to have a bit of fun while I am working. I felt like I was playing Tetris while working and cutting out next adjusted set of samples.


Playing tetris paiyed off, as it produced a nice set.

Not Dubaly-Fabric

I was not happy with the shape of the bottoms, I think the whole garment was too wide.

Wide legged pinguins!

Furthermore this current sent doesn’t entail an important part of the design. I want a big cut and sew through the middle of both the tee and the bottom.

Cut and sew

The body of this set-in-the-making has  a slightly longer sideseam, which I put there because it will cover up the nappy completely.

Lower seam at the leg.

Now this set is very close to the real thing, but do not forget, it is still not in the right fabric! The final garments will look very very different.

I learned a few things along the way. The most important one, I should have never started to develop the size-range, or grading, at the same time as the sample making. That took way too much time.

And I hope you are looking forward to see the final first set of Dubaly clothing. It won’t be very long!

* Sparked your interest? I will keep you posted on this website, but more information can be found at www.dubaly.com *